The Gilbert Football and Cheer Association (GFA, GFAAYF) is a non-profit organization that offers both and instructional level as well as a tournament level football and cheer program for youth athletes.  GFA is dedicated to teaching the youth athletes of our community the fundamentals and proper techniques of tackle football and cheer. Our emphasis is on developing physical fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership skills in a positive and safe environment.  We strive to provide opportunities for all participants to develop individual skills and abilities while being a contributing member of a team.  It is important to GFA that we provide a way for our athletes to build lasting friendships, great memories, and have fun!


Along with the fundamentals of the game, we focus on academics, we want to build “Scholar Ballers”. Learning and gaining knowledge is a core value of GFA but on and off the field. Each Athlete is held to a higher standard off the field and is required to keep their grades up during the season.


The coaches are dedicated to promoting the core values of the Organization.  Wins and losses are not a priority for our coaches; developing life skills and individual character is what guides our coaching decisions and actions. Coaches are expected to lead by example in both words and actions on and off the football field.   Coaches accept responsibility of the development of our athletes as both players and persons while under their direction.  Our goal is to be an organization that not only develops Gilbert athletes that parents and coaches will be proud of, but also guide our athletes to becoming positive contributors to any team they choose to be a part of.

Executive Board